cami just went home so I’m in my dorm by myself right now and we had The Best Day Ever and I miss her already because it’s like when you haven’t done something for the first time ever, like eating your favorite food or see the sun set or but when you do it’s like you never want to go back to the time when you didn’t have those things in your life ?? And more importantly you can’t remember what it was like without them there

TLDR I JUST WANT TO KISS HER LIKE ALL THE TIME all the time. there’s a 99.999% chance I want to kiss her at any given moment


deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

track: Eavesdrop
artist: The Civil Wars
album: The Civil Wars
play count: 118
I can’t pull you closer than this
It’s just you and the moon on my skin.
“ Of course ghosts are real, they hide inside your bones. ”
- “10 Word Poem" series - #70  (via ameliespoulain)

cami fell asleep and she’s so cute i can’t handle it~ I JUST WANT TO KISS HER FACE

libby being a cute baby ~

so my girlfriends house is almost as gorgeous as she is but~

ON A DATE WITH THE BAE and we have the same conspiracy theorist taxi driver twice in a row