You ever wanna’ fuck the living shit outta’ somebody but also cook for them and make sure they’re emotionally stable?


'just you and me against the world' more like 'just you and me against a wall' am i right

Anonymous said:
people are seriously stupid, i've been following you and cami for almost five months now and totaly can tell you two are in luvs and are adorable. people are just jealous that they cant have what you have obviously.

thank you friend~ me and cami will give you smooches!


for every bad anon there’s always all of our friends that support us and at least one more good one that makes up for it so. at least we are very blessed with supportive and loving people who may or may not help us hide bodies c:

"I think I enjoy working obviously as a lead, but also you know I feel I’m also a character actor as well, so I enjoy approaching various projects in all sort of capacities. Any film I have been able to do I feel very fortunate to have been a part." Chiwetel Ejiofo

anon that told me cami reallydidn’t want to date me & i was very sad and pathetic for thinking she did and whose message i deleted because it made me s ick and anxious all night ~thank you for that~

1. update: she sort of really does